We wanted a name that would hold us accountable to freshness, flexibility, change, and keep us out of the ditch of status quo.  A revolution can be defined as a “sudden complete radical change”.


Through worship experiences and encounters with the presence of God, we are a family building a culture of love, healing and prophetic ministry; teaching, equipping and empowering each other to serve and transform lives in our city.


  • LOVE… Prefers others. Your love for God is best demonstrated by your love for others.
  • FAITH… Believes all things are possible, boldly demonstrates the Word through corresponding action. Expects the best for your life and others future and is an encourager, edifier and exhorter.
  • FAMILY… Encourages and strengthens families through different seasons of life. Welcomes others into the local church family and ultimately the family of God through relationships.
  • FREEDOM… Pursues the assignment God has given you to benefit others.
  • TRUTH… Pursues and presents revelation from the Word for practical application.
  • VISION… Sees the next step to impact the culture of the local church and the community with the Kingdom of God, has an inclusive world view of information, inspiration and demonstration.
  • GROWTH… Expands the Church and Kingdom of God both spiritually and numerically, through creative, innovative thinking, teamwork and leadership development.
  • HEALING… Demonstrates healings, miracles and compassion for those that are suffering from sickness, disease or dysfunctions in their bodies. Walks in divine health, fulfilling their assignment on the earth.
  • ABUNDANT LIFE… Participates in a lifestyle of giving and receiving, actively involved in being good stewards of the resources of abundance.
  • PRAYER… Communicates and fellowships with the Father, corporately and privately, declaring and interceding on behalf of the Church, the World and Israel, and releasing His will on earth as it is in heaven.
  • WORSHIP & ARTS… Creatively communicates through music, art, creative writing, photography, video, internet, books, lights and interior design to attract and direct people to a closer relationship with God.

See our Statement of Faith HERE.