Where is your church located?
203 East Leslie Lane, on the northwest corner of the intersection of Providence and Vandiver, on the south side of McKnight Plaza.

What time does it start?
10:00 am

Do you have a youth group?
No, not at this time, however we will be adding one at a later date. We do currently have a class on Sunday mornings through the sixth grade.

What is the music like?
We have a band consisting of drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and various melody instruments. We have a group of singers and our purpose is to experience the presence of God in our worship. We don’t want to just get through a song list and call that worship.

Is your music contemporary or traditional?
Contemporary, vertical worship directed towards our Father in Heaven. Some songs are written by those ministering on the worship team.

What denomination are you?
We are considered non-denominational, which means we are not affiliated with any mainline denominational church.

Who started the church?
It was started by several families who had a love for God’s Word, a love for God’s people and a love for the demonstration of God’s Word.

When did you start the church?
The Revolution’s first service was in January of 2006 at the Marriott Courtyard at Highway 63 and Grindstone Expressway.

Why do you call it The Revolution?
Revolution means a sudden, complete, radical change and that’s what we want to happen for people in their lives and the culture of Columbia when God is invited into their lives.

Why did you start the church?
We want to demonstrate the love of God through information, inspiration and demonstration of the Word and the Spirit of God in a relevant way to Columbia, Midwest, USA and the world.

Who do I talk to about counseling?
Please see Pastor Gary or Audra for more information or appointments.

Can I get a copy of today’s service?
They are available as a podcast on our website at and our YouTube channel.

How often do you have Communion?
Last Sunday of every quarter.

What is the process for getting married?
Please talk to Pastor Gary or Audra to set up an appointment for premarital counseling sessions. This service is free to Partners of The Revolution. Service is available for a fee for non partners. This service includes four premarital counseling sessions, rehearsal and ceremony.

Do you have classes available for children?
During our Sunday morning service, we have age specific classes located throughout the Conference Center.
Nursery – Ages 0-2 years old
Preschool – Ages 3-Kindergarten
Elementary/Middle School- Grades 1-8

What is the Organizational Structure of The Revolution?
Leadership Structure

•The Board of Directors establish policies, procedures & accountability that support the vision of The Revolution.

•Pastor Gary is ordained through RMAI-Kenneth Hagin, Pastor

•The church administrator, Jack Richens, oversees the operational and financial aspects of The Revolution.

•Department directors are responsible for oversight of Worship, Kids360, and Guest Connections. They work closely with the Pastor and Administrator in planning, budgeting and growing their areas of ministry.

•Pastoral (Spiritual leadership and Service to people)