Why Partner With The Revolution?

Why would you partner with the Revolution?

Because you see yourself as a part of the vision we share for this city.


“We are not here to manage people and their dreams. We are here to inspire and assist them in pursuing and achieving the goals and dreams that God has planted within them, whether that be as pastors and teachers, successful businessmen and women, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. For some it will mean leaving The Revolution, and we are okay with that.

This energy and anointing and love for one another is what will attract people to your church, The Revolution.

My vision is one of the glory of God in our worship, salvations and baptisms, in-fillings and outpourings; marriages and families, houses and homes full of the peace of God. I see a return of the local church back to its rightful place, on top of the mountain, a city set on a hill.

I see this city as the healthiest city in the state, a cancer free zone, where the sick, the diseased, the maimed come to be healed and restored. I see medical outreaches and facilities where people are repaired and healed and learn how to exercise and eat healthy.

I see people prospering in a business climate and local economy that is not affected by the economic cycles of this nation. I see innovation in products and services that will generate great wealth for the Kingdom of God.

I see a future of kids being taught and loved in the greatest facilities for creativity and imagination. I see a generation of youth that will be raised up and used by God at an early age, affecting schools and homes.

I see musicians, artists, authors, orators, debaters, movie producers and actors being raised up to set the trend. The songs from The Revolution will be songs that are sung around the world to participate in the glory of God.

I want to invite you to partner with The Revolution, to help expand our capacity to impact the culture of Columbia with the Kingdom of God.